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Fall 2013-present

CHE 441: Chemical Kinetics and Reactor Design
Hours: 3
Fundamental Principles of chemical kinetics and chemical reactor engineering along with the design of both thermal and catalytic reactors. Prerequisites: CHE 344, 347

Spring 2014-present

CHE 344: Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics
Hours: 3
Thermodynamics of phase equilibria, chemical reactions and thermodynamic analysis of chemical processes, with emphasis on topics of special interest to chemical engineers. Prerequisites: CHE 244, 341

Fall 2017

CHE 347: Quantitative Modeling for ChE
Hours: 3
Modeling and analysis of physical phenomena that arise in chemical engineering and an introdution to computer-aided design. Prerequisites: CHE 244 and MA 238

Fall 2014-present

CHE 658: Catalysis and Reactor Design
Hours: 3
Treatment of homogeneous and heterogeneous reaction kinetics, transport in fluid-solid reactions, catalyst deactivation and their effects on the analysis and design of chemical reactors. Prerequisites: CHE 541/441

Summer 2016-2019

REAP: Research & Engineering Apprenticeship Program
"REAP is a summer STEM program that places talented high school students, from groups historically under-represented and underserved in STEM, in research apprenticeships at area colleges and universities. REAP apprentices work under the direct supervision of a mentor on a hands-on research project. REAP apprentices are exposed to the real world of research, they gain valuable mentorship, and they learn about education and career opportunities in STEM. " - Army Educational Outreach Program website


2019 REAP Program

(Left) Coby, Victor and Amani dicsussed mechanisms of ALD.
(Right) The 2019 UAH REAP and LSAMP students

2018 REAP Program

(Left) Kovi and Jacoby were presenting their research on ALD
(Right) The 2018 UAH REAP students


2017 REAP Program


2016 REAP Program

(Left) Brittni and Olivia were introduced to 3D image processing by Prof. George Nelson.
(Right) Dessiah and Brittany were working on thin film measurement on silicon (100) surface.

(Left) Water purification introduced by Prof. Mike Banish.
(Right) The concrete canoe team introduced by Prof. Nick Zhou and Prof. Tingting Wu.

Olivia and Dessiah presented in the Mentees/Mentors Presentation Night.

2016 REAP Program. In this six-week summer program, four high school students, Olivia, Dessiah, Brittni and Brittany, worked on several projects, including wastewater treatment, semiconductor manufacturing, analytical analysis of food dyes using GC-MS and HPLC and industrial catalyst evaluation. Olivia and Dessiah presented their research projects in the Mentees/Mentors Presentation Night.

This program is sponsored by the Army Educational Outreach Program (AEOP). We gratefully acknowledge the support from National Science Foundation (NSF) to make the wastewater treatment project and industrial catalyst evaluation projects possible. appreciate the partnership with North Alabama Center for Educational Excellence (NACEE).

Thermodynamics class field trip to Covanta's Energy-from-Waste facility which generates
superheated steam! @2016 We thank Ms. Denise Taylor for the wonderful tour.

Another joint field trip to BASF catalytic converter manufacturing site in Huntsville.
Jason, Erik and Ginger, thanks again! @2015

(Left to right) Jonathon (now with Goodman Manufacturing), Will (now with Plasma Processes) and Peter (now with EFI Automative) just derived the optimized operation temperature for producing the most valuable product in three parallel reactions! @2013 Kinetics & Catalysis classes joint field trip to BASF catalytic converter manufacturing site in Huntsville. Thanks Jason and Erik! @2014






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