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Principal Investigator


Yu Lei
Assistant Professor
University of Alabama in Huntsville
Chemical and Materials Engineering

Post-doc (2010-13) Argonne National Laboratory
Ph.D. (2010) University of Illinois at Chicago
B.S. (2004) Nanjing University, China

301 Sparkman Dr., EB 117D
(256) 824-6527

Graduate Students

Zhuoran Gan

M.S. 2015, Envrionmetnal Science
University of Shanghai for Science and Technology, China

B.S. 2012, Material Sciences and Engineering
Tianjin Polytechnic University, China


Micah Jones

B.S. 2014, Chemical Engineering
Tuskegee University


Zheng Lu

B.S. 2010, Chemical Engineering
East China University of Science and Technology


William Sienicki

B.S. 2017, Chemical Engineering
Auburn University


Undergraduate Students

Courtney Anderson
B.S., 2019 (expected), Chemical Engineering
University of Alabama in Huntsville


Hayden Fowler
B.S., 2018 (expected), Chemical Engineering
University of Alabama in Huntsville


Jacob Kunisch
B.S., 2019 (expected), Chemical Engineering
University of Alabama in Huntsville


Group Alumni
Chen Zhang Ph.D. 2017
Thesis "Novel methods in harvest of microalgae and extraction of lipids from dilute microalgal suspension for biofuel"
Current position: Summit Information Solutions, Inc

Mar Piernaviejia-Hermida Ph.D. 2016
Thesis "Design and Synthesis of Nanostructured Palladium Catalysts by Atomic Layer Deposition"
Current position: Technical University of Berlin, Germany

Blake Nuwayhid M.S. 2017. Current position: University of Maryland
Thesis "Nanostructured cathode materials fabricated by atomic layer deposition for lithium-oxygen batteries"
Current position: PhD student at the University of Maryland

Matthew Huff M.S. 2017. Current position: HudsonAlpha
Thesis "The performance and reaction kinetics of nanoastructured molybdenum catalysts for propylene epoxidation"
Current position: Diatherix Laboratories

Derek Mitchell B.S. 2017. Nucor Corporation
Arnold Jele B.S. 2017. UAH
Sijia Li B.S. 2017. University of Florida
Sara Simpson B.S. 2017. Occidental Petroleum Corporation
Anderson White B.S. 2016. Goldman Sachs
Publication: Towards Thin Film Stabilized Single-Atom Pd1 Catalysts
, 8 (2016) 15348-15356
Justin Ikerman B.S. 2016. Hexagon PPM
Kenneth Haines B.S. 2015. CFDRC
Anuj Mathur B.S. 2015. Matrix Manufacturing
Paul Kubicza B.S. 2015. Kennametal, Inc






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