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Zheng Lu

PhD Candidate

Contact Information
E-mail: zl0008@uah.edu
Phone: (256) 824-2686
Office/Lab: SC 309

PhD in progress
Chemical Engineering
University of Alabama in Huntsville

BS 2010
Chemical Engineering
East China University of Science and Technology

5. Effects of TiO2 in Low Temperature Propylene Epoxidation using Gold Catalysts
Z. Lu, M. Piernavieja-Hermida, C. H. Turner, Z. Wu, Y. Lei
Journal of Physical Chemistry C, 122 (2018) 1688-1698

4. Analysis of the Propylene Epoxidation Mechanism on Supported Gold Nanoparticles
C. H. Turner, J. Ji, Z. Lu, Y. Lei
Chemical Engineering Science, 174 (2017) 229-237

3. Towards ALD Thin Film Stabilized Single-Atom Pd1 Catalysts
M. Piernavieja-Hermida, Z. Lu, A. White, K.-B. Low, T. Wu, J. W. Elam, Z. Wu, Y. Lei
Nanoscale, 8 (2016) 15348-15356

2. Design and Synthesis of Model and Practical Palladium Catalysts Using Atomic Layer Deposition
Z. Lu, O. Kizikaya, A. J. Kropf, M. Piernavieja-Hermida, J. T. Miller, R. Kurtz, J. W. Elam, Y. Lei
Catalysis Science & Technology, (2016) accepted

1. Tuning External Surface of Unit-Cell Thick Pillared MFI and MWW Zeolites by Atomic Layer Deposition and Its Consequences on Acid-Catalyzed Reactions
Y. Wu, Z. Lu, L. Emdadi, S. C. Oh, J. Wang, Y. Lei, H. Chen, D. T. Tran, I. C. Lee, D. Liu,
Journal of Catalysis, 337 (2016) 177-187

Honors & Awards
2018 Student Registration Award from the ACS Catalysis Science and Technology (CATL) Division
2018 North Alabama ACS Travel Award
2017 Kokes Travel Award from North American Catalysis Society
2016 North Alabama ACS Travel Award
2016 UAH Chemical Engineering Program Outstanding Graduate Student







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